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Today is a great day to be inspired. So many times, life can be overwhelming, full of pain from our pasts, and hard to handle on our own. You deserve to life live boldly, courageously, and on purpose. I am here to help you go from feeling hopeless, defeated, and depressed to feeling great about yourself, knowing your worth, owning your truth, and living your best life now.

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She was and still is someone who I feel I can talk to about anything, although it took me a while to open up to her. She pushed me to talk about the things that I would usually ignore, which were mainly things about myself. Mrs. Young helped me realized that I deflect my problems and focus too much on others; she helped me realized that I need to work on me first, that I need to focus on fixing me before I can worry about or try to save anyone else. I had been pushing myself aside for a long time and with her help I’m now my main focus again. Mrs. Young went out of her way on many occasions to invite me, pick me up, and give me rides to and from church services and events. We stood after class and church and talked for hours about whatever my current issue was at the time. I’m extremely grateful for her; she didn’t have to do any of this for me, but she chose to. Having people choose me is something that I’m not usually used to. Mrs. Young has a very busy life, but she still made time for me, hugged me when I need it. Even though she knew I was too proud to ask, she positively invaded my space in so many ways but I needed her to. So what was it like to have Erica Young as my Friend/Mentor? It was life changing.


I grew up in church, I had been attending I5 Church for three years and not once been very active before I met Erica Young. But since our chance encounter she has pushed me to become a better woman, mother and Christian. It wasn’t just her testimony that drew me to her, but it was her caring and genuine spirit that bonded us for life. I joined small groups, for the first time, and she was my group leader. The book that she chose was timely and further pushed me to resolve issues in my life that needed to be addressed. Erica has supported me through one of the toughest transitions in my life! She is a gifted and wonderful mentor who I would highly recommended to lead, mentor, and train any young woman willing to grow closer to Christ.