Dare to Dream, Choose to Pursue


To dream, one has to do little more than imagine. The real work comes once we decide to pursue the thing we have dreamed about for far too long. For the longest, I was unable to imagine a life filled with joy and peace. Imagining anything positive took work, and to be honest, some days, it seemed nearly impossible to do. Life had kicked me, knocked me down, and almost knocked me out. However, I finally realized (after years of feeling unworthy) that I deserved to imagine endless possibilities. I was good enough to dream about a future I wanted, and I now know that I am capable of pursuing the dreams God placed inside of me. I don’t expect everything to come easy, but I do know that the pursuit of true purpose is worth it every single time. Today, I choose to pursue passion, and I refuse to be stopped by fear. Don’t you want to do the same? Yes? Good. Let’s Go!


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